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Off leash parks aren't for every dog - many dogs are better off with a few select canine pals than they are at the dog park. Dogs and puppies learn a lot from playing with a friend they know well. Don't forget that we also host play times at Ahimsa in Seattle.

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Match seattle-dog-playdogs that have similar play styles, sizes, and schedules! The most important of the three is play styles. Have more than one dog? It is almost always the case that each dog should have his own play partner, with his "roommate" somewhere else. It's easier on the partner and promotes socialization for your dog if he's only got the one new dog to deal with.

If one of your dogs is shy and your other dog is great at social interactions (a "bomb-proof" dog), introduce your new friend to the more social dog first, then add the shy dog to the two that are getting along.

If you are concerned about how the dogs will interact, split the cost of a dog trainer to manage the introductions. Have Spray Shield handy to break up any big fights.  Meet at a neutral place the first time, like a park, unless you are 110% sure the dogs are not territorially aggressive. From there, you can walk to a house together. 

This list is for information purposes only and we assume no liability whatsoever.  Use caution any time you meet people online, even here.  Be careful and have fun!

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