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Deaf Dog Project

I’ve been having a hard time choosing which of the many great causes to support with our Grand Expansion party on Friday. I’ve decided to give 5% of all profits from the new training store, including class registrations, to the Deaf Dog Photo Project.

One of our students is Poppyseed, a deaf Dalmation, pictured on the left in her Puppy Jr. High class a while back. She is going to be in the book. A veterinarian and another dog training school told Poppyseed’s human to put her down when she was just a puppy, advising that deaf dogs were just too dangerous. Fortunately, her human didn’t listen to that advice and Poppyseed joined our puppy class. She excelled with her training at Ahimsa and we are glad she’s still walking the Earth with all four happy feet!

So please join us at the party! Stop by with or without your dog for fun, games, puppy play, and light snacks for people and dogs. Friday, April 30th, 5-8 pm at 902 NW 49th Street in Seattle. p.s. Pass it on!