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"Basic Dog Manners" Training Class in Seattle: ADULT DOGS START HERE!*

This is a Series class, which means all students start and graduate on the same dates.

Class Name Day Time Info Date(s) Skip Date(s) TrainerStatus
Basic MannersThu6:00pm-7:00pm4/16 to 5/7-
Basic MannersSat4:30pm-5:30pm4/18 to 5/9-
Basic MannersThu6:00pm-7:00pm5/14 to 6/4-
Basic MannersSat4:30pm-5:30pm5/16 to 6/135-23

Ahimsa Dog Training SeattleBasic Dog Manners is a 4-session series class to start solving problems and building skills. The Basic Manners dog training class is a required class before our more advanced dog training.* After you and your dog take the 4-week Basic Manners class, you and your dog will be well on your way to getting rid of problems and building new behavior, and you can enroll in Intermediate and Advanced ongoing classes with flexible scheduling.

Topics: Leash Walking, Name, Come, Targeting (nose to hand - very useful), Go Lie Down, Anti-Jump, Focus, Leave It, and more. 

Please also attend a free Orientation session before your class, if possible, or near the beginning. We also have an online version that you will have access to after registration. Current students can also drop into ongoing classes, like Intermediate Manners, Advanced Dog Manners and Backyard Sports & Games, on a space-available basis.

* Two exceptions to the Adult Dogs Start Here rule:

  1. If your dog barks, growls, or is aggressive to people or dogs, your dog is not yet eligible for Basic Manners. Take our Growly Dog class (issues toward other dogs) or private training sessions (issues toward people and/or other dogs).
  2. If you have experience using clicker training in classes and have studied the topics above before with this dog, please contact us about whether you can skip Basic Manners.
We will notify you when the next Basic Manners class gets added if you join our waitlist. To make sure you're a real human, please answer the math question too:
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