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Aggression 101 Workshop

Class Name Day Time Date(s) Status
Aggression 101Fri6:15pm-8:15pm9/18
Aggression 101Fri6:15pm-8:15pm10/2
Aggression 101Fri7:00pm-9:00pm10/16
Aggression 101Fri7:00pm-9:00pm10/30
Aggression 101Sun6:15pm-8:15pm11/1

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ahimsaIf your dog is showing aggression, it can be confusing, scary, and frustrating. What is the best way to teach your dog to calm down and act 'normal'? In this 90-minute human-only workshop, you'll get help answering the question, "Why is my dog showing aggression?", learn about some changes to make to your dog's routine to drastically improve safety, get some training examples, plus get advice on the next steps for rehabilitating your dog's aggresion issues.

You can sign up for this workshop individually for $39 or sign up for a multi-session class and attend this session for free, if space is available.

If you decide to take our 6-session Growly Dog class with your dog after the Aggression 101 workshop, you can apply your registration fee from this workshop to the Growly Dog class. If you choose to take private lessons after this workshop, you'll know more before you get started with your session, so you can start at a more advanced level in the private lessons, which saves you time and money. The Aggression 101 workshop will also give you advice on the best training options (private, class, etc.).

Note that we also have the workshops Possession Aggression (for dogs that growl or bite to keep their toys, food or other objects) and Bravery Boost (for dogs that are fearful).

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG to this workshop. Children may attend, but this is a long session for them and you may learn more if your child is with a sitter.

Confused? Please email info@doggiezen.com or call us at 206-364-4072 if you have any questions about which class(es) would be best for you at Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle.



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