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Ongoing Classes

Customize Your Class Schedule to for More Flexibility than Series Classes.   Small classes to learn and practice just you want, so you get more intense dog training and still save time and money! (Puppies under 5 months should be in Kindergarten, instead).

6 weeks of Unlimited Training for $169.  When you sign up for any of the ongoing classes in Seattle, you can drop into other ongoing classes and regular one-session workshops, for free! And you get a free dog training clicker and an instant download of Grisha Stewart's new book, which is a 100+ page dog training manual. Could life get any better?

You'll also be able to change your reserved sessions during the class, so you can switch between days of the week or even different kinds of classes.

  • Puppy Catch-Up - Socialiation and Basic Training for young dogs that missed out on puppy kindergarten.
  • Basic Manners - Solid start on everyday dog manners, like walking, anti-jump, sit, down, stay, targeting, and name.
  • All Levels - Beginners through advanced students.  Pick an All Levels class if you can't decide between Basic or Advanced.
  • Advanced Manners - More precision, distractions, etc. for dogs and people that really know the basics.
  • Nose Work - Your dog was born for this sport!
  • Backyard Sports & Games - Fun combination of agility, dog dancing, nosework, and more, for great teamwork.
  • Customized Schedule - Mix & Match manners and problem solving sessions.  You pick your start date and then choose your sessions.

Confused? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page) for help. 

Email info@doggiezen.com or call us in Seattle at 206-364-4072 if you have any questions about what training solution would be best for you at Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle.



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