Ahimsa Dog Training, Seattle

Don't Have Time to Train Your Dog? Day Training to the Rescue!

Dog training is all about repetition, over and over and over. But Day Training lets you skip the repetitive part of dog training.

What is Day Training? Day training is training in your home in Seattle during the day while you are at work. We also work with you one-on-one to make sure that you can provide consistent training to your dog. It's like hiring a dog walker, except that your dog or puppy actually gets training and problem solving, rather than just exercise.

Who benefits from day training:

  • Puppy parents who can't stay home all day (we can help socialize your puppy, take him/her out to potty, and train). Please also check out our Puppy Day Camp.
  • People with reactive dogs who want expert help walking their dog.
  • Anybody short on time who wants to get rid of jumping up, leash pulling, etc.
  • You!

The Process:

  1. Sign up for a package of 5 or 10 private training sessions in Seattle with Amber Hardin. Exception: for aggression/fear with a history of biting, please sign up for an initial consultation with Wynona Karbo.
  2. You will get a history form to fill out online. Mention in the form that you are interested in day training.
  3. In the first meeting, we will teach you how to work with your dog and plan out the training.
  4. We will come to your home on a regular basis to train your dog for you.
  5. Because dogs can unlearn what we've taught if you aren't consistent, we will meet with you from time to time during the training to keep you updated on how to maintain your dog's progress.

If you are unsure about who to see, please call 206-364-4072 or email info@doggiezen.com.



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