Ahimsa Live Daily Schedule

Today’s Date is 12-17-2018

Schedule for Sun 12-16-2018
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Room Rental
07:00am. 1 opening.

Puppy Kindergarten
08:45am. FULL.
2 to 3 months old (baby)

Puppy Kindergarten
10:00am. FULL.
Small Breeds Under 25 lbs

Puppy Kindergarten
11:15am. FULL.
All Sizes

BAT Clinic
12:00pm. No drop-ins.

Puppy Kindergarten
12:30pm. FULL.
All Sizes

Agility – Contacts and Weaves
03:00pm. No drop-ins.

Agility for Shy & Growly Dogs
04:30pm. No drop-ins.

Aggression 101
06:00pm. FULL.

Advanced Agility
07:00pm. No drop-ins.