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Seattle Loves Ahimsa Dog Training!

We are lucky to have excellent clients at Ahimsa Dog Training. We see thousands of dogs every year, not just from Seattle, but throughout Western Washington, each with their individual talents, problems, and personalities.   We have been voted Seattle's Top Dog Trainer from CityDog Magazine and Best of Seattle in the Pet Services category on CitySearch.com.  Thank you for believing in Ahimsa!

coachingI never hesitate to refer clients to Ahimsa Dog Training. They know the science of training and know how to get it across to people and their dogs.

- Terry Ryan, CPDT-KA, CTP, Author of "Coaching People to Train Their Dogs," "Outwitting Dogs," "The Bark Stops Here," and more. From Dogwise: 'Terry Ryan has been a mentor - maybe guru is a better word - for a whole generation of modern dog trainers who have benefited from her books, lectures, and seminars on dog training and class instruction.'

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Frankfurter the DachshundI have to say, I just love Ahimsa. One of my coworkers recommended Ahimsa dog training and I'm so glad I signed up. I think the instructors are fantastic and I love how they pay such special attention to Frankie. They really are great and seem so knowledgeable about dogs, their behavior and the best way to train them. I take their word on everything and it's done fabulous with Frankie.

-Erin McNiff, Seattle (Dog is a long-haired Dachshund)


I have been taking my golden retriever to playtimes and now a class at Ahimsa. She also spent a week at puppy day camp. I must tell you that your receptionist Ally is a true gem. She has been most helpful with fitting my dog to a harness to making arrangements for my dog to have some play time when we showed up one night that it was cancelled but was on the internet as still going on. She answers my questions and is just all around friendly and a real sweetheart. If I still had my business I would try to snatch her from her job and employ her myself. I would also like to give kudos to Amber and Frank who ran the puppy day camp Emme was enrolled in. They were very helpful and there was a noticeable difference, for the better, in Emme after her time with them. These employees have impressed me and I did want to let you know that in this day when customer service is hard to find you have three outstanding people on your staff.

-Linda Myer, Seattle (Dog is a Golden Retriever)


Carly is outgoing, enthusiastic, energetic and very responsive to and supportive of her students. I feel the classes are really helping me to bond with my new rescue dog and that my rescue dog and myself are being given the support and attention we need to continue training at home as well as in class. I really enjoy the classes and I think Eddie does, too.

I think the positive training methods used at the center are wonderful and have helped my relationship with my dog; my only regret is that I didn't know about clicker training when I had my first dog, Piper--now deceased--who was a Westie. I raised from the time he was a puppy. I would highly recommend Ahimsa to any one who is looking for a puppy or dog manners class.

Jamie Campbell, Seattle


Lots of things to like - good instruction, flexible instruction, the whole ahimsa philosophy, a variety of classes offered, friendly assistants, supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

-- Shannon Gray, Seattle (Dogs are Australian Cattle Dogs)


The classes were amazing - the teachers positive, supportive and informative. My dog Nathan has progressed amazingly in one month. He was afraid of literally everything - and it was hard to take him outside or anywhere because he was so jumpy. He would run from me when I was trying to get him to take him out.

Now, he never runs from me, he has more confidence and even greets other dogs. Saturday we took him to a dog park in Edmonds - and he actually ran around and played with all the dogs - all big dogs. He kept us in his sights and returned periodically - then ran off again to play.

Also - he and I have an even stronger bond. We are not frustrated with each other, but can now understand and enjoy each other. The stress has been lifted - now we are best friends and have alot of fun together.

Also - I know that he is safer (my biggest concern) because he does not just run from me. When we are outside, if something happened I know he would run toward me for protection - so even though he will always be on leash - just in case of something going wrong - I feel he is safer.

All in all - great classes and training. We know the quality of classes by the quality of results. Your training and trainers obviously love dogs and support them. Instructors were all easy to understand and approachable for questions and special needs.

Thanks again! You and your program make a difference in the lives of dogs and their people.

- Tomi Tierney, Seattle (Dog is a Toy Poodle)


SallyJust want to say Sally is amazing thanks to Ahimsa. I've recommended your school to a number of people. Everyone comes back most pleased. Sally behaves so well we're looking to agility training for the next step. She is crazy for tennis balls and birds on the beach. We take her almost daily and she runs like a fiend...for one or two hours non-stop (people stop and stare...say she should run the Derby), but is a dream in the house, relaxed and docile and so well behaved. She is amazingly well socialized and loves everyone (including babies and small children) and other dogs...zero problems.

I can't thank you enough for your school and how much we learned. Surely, should we add another pup to our family, we'll be back.

- Russ Worley, Seattle (Dog is an English Springer Spaniel)


I was skeptical about the effectiveness of clicker training before my first session, but by the end of our first class I had no doubts. The clicker method is both effective and fun to use.

Our dog Indy loves his training sessions, and is always excited when he sees us bring out the clicker. He has a focus and desire to get down to work that I didn't expect from a puppy. We absolutely believe in the methods Ahimsa uses, and have been delighted to find that our dog can and will learn without resorting to punitive measures.

-- Chris Marx, Seattle (Dog is an American Eskimo Dog)



CaddisThe Ahimsa Dog Training school was my first introduction to training a dog. It has truly been an excellent program overall from the orientation to the choice of programs. I will say that the classes are not intimidating at all; they are fun, simple, and a great bonding experience for both the parent and the dog.

I especially enjoyed the program because of the flexibility in the schedule, the chance to “drop in” to classes above and beyond what you are scheduled for, and the variety of talented instructors that students are exposed to. I highly recommend Ahimsa Dog Training to anyone who needs to train puppies or older dogs, brush up on some skills, have more bonding with your dog, or any reason is good.

- Kim Guilford, Seattle (Dog is a Labrador / Pointer mix)


The Ahimsa Puppy Kindergarten classes were highly recommended to us by many people and we are so glad we took their advice! Guinness, our chocolate lab puppy is only 3 1/2 months and already can sit, come, stay, lay down, and, most importantly for curious little puppies, "leave it" or "drop it".

The classes not only socialize your puppy with other dogs and people but it teaches the owners important training principles which you can apply to just about anything you want your dog to learn. The instructors are friendly, patient and full of advice - you can really tell they all love their jobs. Grisha has been great and very flexible with the lessons and answers our emails very quickly. Both of us and our puppy look forward to class every week!

Eric and Heather Visser, Seattle (Dog is a Labrador Retriever)


We had had Roxy for about a week when I realized we needed help. The final precipitating event was when she bit Bill as he tried to take something dangerous out of her mouth.

Roxy down-staying with Bill

There were other challenges too --- like how she launched herself at other dogs whenever we took her for a walk, or threw herself back and forth across the backseat of the car when we drove. Turning on the windshield wipers meant she would leap onto the dashboard and bark and bite violently at the blades. Whenever anyone left the house, she turned herself into a canine bowling ball and threw herself at the front door. She often barked when people walked past outside. She hated grooming which was a problem because she has such a beautiful, but very thick coat. Frequently she would growl while being touched or petted. On the positive side, it was clear that she was basically very loving and intelligent, and could be sweet, calm, and well-mannered. Both Bill and I agreed that we had never known a dog with more capacity to learn than Roxy. It’s easy for her, she seems to relish it and she will do almost anything for a treat.

I had heard about clicker training and wanted a non-coercive approach, so I got on-line and found Ahimsa. Roxy now wears a seatbelt and sits or lies down quietly in the car. Bill and I just took her on a week long road trip to a ranch and the beach and we both agreed that Roxy was a wonderful companion. She is much less possessive around food. About a month ago Bill and I smiled at each other when we found our cat and dog eating together off of the same plate. I can now leave Roxy behind with no dog body-slamming against the door. She lets me and others groom her. Roxy now feels safe enough around other dogs and people that I take her to the Farmer’s Market, the dog park, and to her first dog obedience class! When people see us together on the street, they often remark about how well-behaved she is. I just smile and say she works hard at it.

Roxy with Margot

As I look back on the past year and a half and see how far we’ve come, I can’t help but wonder what Bill, Roxy and I will be doing together next year. Ahimsa helped me understand some about the nature of the changes we have asked Roxy to make --- what she’s likely to learn quickly, what will take her a while, when and how Bill and I need to change. Having an intelligent shy working dog in our lives is different from what it was like with our other dogs, but I can wholeheartedly say that it’s good and interesting, and it means Bill, Roxy and I have a common bond in the true joy of learning. Thank you Ahimsa. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you!

-- Margot Dick, Seattle (Dog is a Shetland Sheep Dog)


I just wanted to write and say what a wonderful job Rachel did for the manners class. I will sign up for her fluency (field trip) class if she offers one. She was excellent.

- Shirley Stanley, Seattle (Dog is a Havanese)


sallyI had an incredible visit with Kathy Sdao today and I think that it will lead towards positive progress for Sally. Kathy really "got it" when it comes to Sally's challenges and she was able to bring me some insight that I was sorely missing.

- Shelly Fuller, Redmond (Dog is a Border Collie)

lincoln We have thoroughly enjoyed all three classes we've taken at Ahimsa. Our instructor is patient and upbeat and demonstrates a true love for all the puppies.

Keep up the good work! We've recommended you to many of our friends.

- Cara & Phil Hohenstein, Seattle (Dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)


rubyRuby, Alicia and I loved Advanced Puppy! Yes, the off-leash thing was a bit challenging at first, but we knew in advance that we'd be going strictly off-leash, so we practiced it. I found it quite beneficial for an excitable pup like Ru to have many distractions -- dogs, people, and especially TREATS! Sure, it embarrassed me a bit occasionally that she could be so easily distracted, but the results are that now, she's much less easily distracted. And much more easy to call off of distractions.

rubyThe best part was getting her around other dogs. We don't have that kind of opportunity normally. When she's around other dogs in public places she does very well at screening them out and focusing on me and what we're doing. Especially considering she's a hyper-enthusiastic 7 month old.

We're looking forward to doing more training with her in the future. It's a great way for us to have accountability, and for her to experience many different situations.

- Lisa Mills, Seattle (Dog is an AmStaff mix)

Update:  I volunteer my hypnotherapy services at Rosehedge, an assisted living house for people with AIDS. For the last few months I've been taking Ruby with me. The residents and staff love her! She greets everyone with an enthusiastic wiggle, invariable bringing a smile to even the grumpiest faces. And EVERYONE is so impressed with how well she behaves. (They can't believe she WAITS to go through a door until I ask her to!) It's true what they say: a well trained dog is a well loved dog.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn how to teach Ruby in an effective, loving way.


dogWe are thrilled with the puppy classes we are taking and plan to continue for as long as there are classes to take. We have noticed a big difference at home in Roy's behavior and our behavior. We think he's a great dog and will only get better with your classes. Thank you for all your help and advice!

- Sue & Floyd Williams, Seattle (Dog is a Labrador Retriever)


Just wanted to say how much we appreciated the teacher for the Basic Manners class we just completed with Teddy. She did wonderfully!

- Virginia Wilson, Seattle (Dog is a Bichon Frise)


PearlI went to the pit bull seminar and you gave me tips for my windshield wiper hating dog. I tried it from far away at first, until she was calm, and progressed on, working daily since the class. [about 1 week] I can now get in the car, turn on the wipers, and, though still a little anxious, she doesn't lunge for them. It is a miracle. I love my dogs, but being in my own little world with them, this problem seemed hopeless. Pearl is now so much happier in the car, not waiting for the next time they will turn on, it's like a different dog. I could never thank you enough for this. I am moving to seattle soon and am looking forward to signing up for a couple of the classes you have. Also, I wanted to say thank you so much for the pit bull class. Owning these dogs is a joy, but people's reactions to them are not. It was wonderful to participate in a class with other people who appreciate them, instead of hate or fear them. Thank you for your time, and hope to be seeing you in the future!

(Update 6 months later: Hey, just wanted to say thank you again, and to tell you that with this help I took Pearl and Mahina on a 15,000 mile road trip this summer. The girls drove with me from washington to louisiana, tennesee, kentucky, then to the grand canyon, las vegas, southern california, back to washington, and then through canada and we are now in alaska. Pretty soon we leave to head back down through Canada. Pearl doesn't need to be sedated when it's raining anymore, it's amazing! They're now more well travelled than most Americans, and next summer we plan on making a trip to Mexico to go horseback camping. Thank you so much again for liberating Pearl from the land of the scary windshield monster, and me from the abhorration of putting the dogs in the car when it was raining.)

-- Allegra Gassert, Issaquah (Dog is a Pit Bull mix)


The reward system (click and treat) seems to appeal to Moe quite well. He went right to his "rug" today when we walked in the office and his mommy/my boss almost cried with excitement. We're both understanding one another a lot better and this new form of communication makes us both happier. Thank you! We look forward to seeing you in class next week. Homework is becoming the highlight of our days.

-- Ashley Pankaskie, Seattle (Dog is a French Bulldog)

sadie dog seattle
Sadie in her  football bed
sadie seattle
Puppy Sadie

I just wanted to tell you how grateful I was for your coming when called workshop. I was able to put what I learned to use on Saturday afternoon and it worked fabulously!! Sadie got out the front door when I was coming in and she started to dart towards the busy street by my house. I used the come command and she turned around and came running back towards me...YAY!!!!!!!!!

-- Dana Andersen, Seattle (Dog is a Boston Terrier)


You really are a godsend (not sure what the secular term might be) for the doggie world and I really appreciate that you have dedicated yourself to this work as you clearly have both understanding and compassion for both the dog and his or her humans.

Thank you and as always I highly recommend your classes and look forward to crossing paths again!!

-- Rachel Agent, Seattle (Dog is a Airedale Terrier / Golden Retriever)


With today's wind, I was able to practice the techniques you showed us during the workshop. Sydney's progress was amazing.

Having seen Sydney through some severe thunderstorms and 2 straight days of fireworks, I never imagined she would calm down so quickly. I certainly never imagined she would sleep through something that frightened her so much. Amazingly, the wind is blowing again now and she's sound asleep on the floor. Good training techniques can seem like magic has been worked on a dog.

Your Fraidy Dog workshop really helped us to understand that Sydney is not doomed to be scared all of the time. Applying the techniques you taught us demonstrated how easy it can be to help Sydney be a more confident dog.

This was our first experience at Ahimsa and we were very impressed with your knowledge and presentation. You are obviously great with dogs, but you are also extremely patient with people.

Thank you so much.

-- Sandy Rossetti, Issaquah (Dog is a Border Collie)


Thought I'd let you know a funny little story. We took Henry to the very amusing pug Halloween costume party last week. They had the mandatory pug-races, and I held him at one end while my friend Heather awaited him at the other.

Lola and Loki
Things are Looking Up for Henry!

There were about 40 pugs there, and only Henry had ever, ever heard of a treat party. Once we got the "GO!", Heather hollered, TREAAAAAATTTT PARTTTTYYYYYY HENNNNNRYYYYYY!!!!! and that guy ran like he was outchasing death. He clearly had no idea why in the world everyone else was running, but I thought his ears were going to flop off his head. ['Treat Party' is one of the emergency cues we use at Ahimsa for coming when called.]

Needless to say, he won the race. ;-p

-- Anjani Millet, Seattle (Dog is a Pug)


We just took Copper on a week vacation, camping and romping around - she is doing well on her commands from puppy class. The unlimited puppy class was great for all of us - we are glad we have a manageable dog we can take places. I think the socialization was key!

-- Jen Fox, Seattle (Dog is a Vizsla)


I highly recommend Ahimsa Dog Training. Not only did Ahimsa help our dog but she saved our marriage! Grisha has a patient, calm, knowledgeable approach that trains owners to train their pets!

-- Ann Gilbert, Seattle (Dog is a Miniature Dachshund)


Marc and I had a pretty scary incident tonight with Tasha. We had her at Greenlake and were letting her drag a tree branch around to wear off some energy. For the life of me, I don't know how this happened, but the (approximately 6 foot long) tree branch got stuck under her collar and somehow twisted so that it was completely stuck and choking her. She was running away in a panic, when I did the only thing that came to mind. I yelled "Tasha, wait!" That's the command I use when I want her to stop and stay in place. And by some miracle, in spite of the panic, she stopped immediately and waited for us to run up to her.

Anyway, it's a good story for why training is important.

Tracy Weber, Seattle (Dog is a German Shepherd)


Loki was a shy, strange 5-month old mix we had adopted. I wanted to share with you where we are now!

Lola and Loki
Lola & Loki

Loki has become such a gentle companion and reliable friend that he is no longer kenneled at all. He loves the dog park and coming to work with me and walking around Greenlake. He loves his snuggles; he loves to be petted and scratched behind the ears, even by strangers! Your techniques took a troubled teenage Pomeranian and turned him into the best dog we have ever had - a potty trained (bell trained!), socialized, snuggly little angel! He enjoys playing with everyone - no matter what size or shape. And he is a great listener! We still practice with all of the tricks we learned in your class!

It was a lot more work than I thought it would be when we first brought him home and every minute was worth it.

Michelle Heimerl, Seattle (Dogs are Pomeranian, Schipperke)


Ahimsa is a constant that both owners and dogs alike can count on. An incorrect behavior is always dealt with in a non-blaming way -- positive re-direction is given, often so smoothly that the dog doesn't even realize that its activity has been changed.

Delia at attention (Cairn Terrier)

Ahimsa has given us effective ways to deal with a very energetic and intelligent puppy; without her guidance I fear that we would have found ourselves in a power struggle with a very determined dog. At eight months, our puppy is growing into a well-adjusted and socialized dog who is well-mannered and a joy to have.

Delia relaxing (Cairn Terrier)

The three most important things we have learned: 1) How to be the most boring human in the world so that our dog doesn't get reinforcement for a bad habit; 2) How to use a clicker to enhance the training/learning process; and 3) How dogs communicate to each other--play bows, looking away, laying down, etc.

-- Chris Southwick & Ellen Mortensen, Shoreline (Dog is a Cairn Terrier)


The field trips were a blast! Our trainer was able to propose solutions for challenges specific to my pup that helps make our time out on the town more fun and less stressful for us all.

Lisa Page, Seattle (Dog is a Pug/Labrador Retriever/Dachshund?)


I felt that the basic manners class prepared us well to be able to take what we learned home and apply in the day to day.

I spend lots of time at the dog park and I never hesitate to talk to other dog owners about the great experience that Dave and I had at Ahimsa.

Sarah Furtek , Seattle (Dog is a Border Collie/Lab)


I just wanted to follow up with you about Siena. She has been doing really, really well.

Siena at Seal Rock

Both Sean and I have been working on the classical counter-conditioning stuff Siena is responding more attentively to both the treats and to us in the presence of other dogs. At the very least, we are both better able to read her signals and she only gets to meet dogs when she acts "appropriately." I don't think she's had a single fight in months.

-- Jennifer Marrone, Seattle (Dog is a Basenji / Chow mix )

First, I wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying our puppy class with you! We find it really encouraging, are learning a ton, and I have become so much more relaxed with dog/kid interactions since starting the class. I truly appreciate all the ways in which you give Benjamin and Stephanie an opportunity to participate.

-- Lisa Nelson, Kenmore (Dog is a Labrador Retriever)


I truly enjoyed the classes.

-- Mary Leavitt, Bothell (Dog is an Aussie mix)

Howard & Yoshi

We are learning a great deal more than we expected to. I'd love it if the training location was closer to home, but it's worth the travel. Howard has not lashed out at us or at Yoshi in quite a while, and we have Ahimsa to thank for that. We were on the verge of resigning ourselves to having a "problem" dog, but now we feel like we're all best friends.

-- Ana Wieman, Seattle (Dogs are Mini Cockapoos)


Thanks for all your ideas and support with Ruby. Your positive approach is so in-line with how we try to keep the atmosphere of our family and home (calm and happy) ; it's been amazing. We will continue the good work with Ruby and hopefully work with you again in the future.

-- Carrie and Tracy, Seattle (Dog is a Bull Terrier)

Dougie (Pug)

I just wanted to let you know how much Dougie and I enjoyed your class. Your training techniques are so effective and I like that it is “positive”… so I hardly ever have to get mad at my puppy! It was a great experience, so thanks for all your help. We will see you when it’s time for more training fun!

--Marisa Broggel, Seattle (Pug)


My dogs are doing SO well!  Everyone who has been to our house over the past couple of months has commented on how much more well behaved they are, we even took them to the Ballard farmer's market on Sunday and they were so good!  Sonny is sleeping in his crate (with the door opened) all night now.   We're still giving them peanut butter when we leave, but they are doing much better when someone goes out and don't even get up now when someone comes in.  It's great! The sessions with you were the best thing that's ever happened to them!

-- Cassie Little, Seattle (Dogs are Smooth Fox Terriers)


I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how the training has been going. The three of us are all so happy to go on walks now. Your suggestions work extremely well with Willie. Ollie takes a little more work, though she seems much happier. Thank you for teaching me patience with my dogs and that rewards are much more effective than discipline.

-- Barbara Trentalange, Seattle (Dogs are Shepherd mix and Jack Russell Terrier)


Ahimsa classes were wonderful. Their emphasis on positive reinforcement was very effective for my shy puppy. Their careful attention to all aspects of the course, including free play time, ensured that my puppy always had positive experiences with other dogs and people. The student-instructor ratio was great, and my puppy and I always had lots of one-on-one attention. Ahimsa offers excellent handouts to help with the homework and future training for your puppy.

-- Amethyst Smith, Seattle (Dog is a Havanese/Schnauzer)

Stella (Shiba Inu)

I work as a psychotherapist with families and individuals, and I thought your personality and attitude meshed perfectly with the "science" of behavioral techniques.  I've worked a lot with families who have challenging kids, and I've noticed that parents with similar styles (calm, respectful, passionate yet positive) are the most effective.  Your class helped us feel very empowered and encouraged.

-- Stephen Crippen, M.A., Seattle (Dog is a Shiba Inu)


We were VERY satisfied with our experience and we feel that both we and our dog benefited tremendously from taking this class. It was well worth the 45 minute drive each way. We just returned from vacation and we found ourselves using lots of our newly learned training techniques (successfully!) along the way with new experiences, people, etc. Zoe had a great time and the training really helped - thanks!

-- Cheryl and Ryan Gilbert, Redmond (Dog is a Boston Terrier / Beagle)

Ruby (Golden Retriever)

I liked the emphasis on both play and training with the puppies. It was a good balance and I learned a lot about how dogs in general communicate with each other. I especially like the non-violent nature of the training.

-- Deborah Walker, Seattle (Dog is a Golden Retriever)


You have a really good touch with dogs. It was great to see how my dog learned so much from you. We liked your emphasis on dog-human relationship. It was good to get training on how to be good dog owners, vs just trying to teach the dog.

-- Anonymous, Seattle


Hope and I learned a lot. Our relationship is much smoother. I love to see a new idea dawn in her eyes. I am now confident that she will be a good dog and good companion. I admit I had some doubts at one time. I've taught others in my family to use the clicker. They're happy with the difference in Hope's behavior. Even the neighbors comment when we go walking. Thank you. We'll be back for further improvement.

-- Nancy Clark, Seattle (Dog is a Labrador Retriever / German Shepherd Dog)


We enjoyed the class. I felt that Cocoa and I made progress and I learned a lot. Some of what he "doesn't know yet" is because I am not practicing with him enough at home. I can tell that the things we DO work on are things he is solidly learning. We need more training and plan to come back! Grisha has been extremely helpful with some challenges (walking on the Burke Gilman trail with bicycles whizzing by was one thing we worked on privately).


I loved the puppy kindergarten class and so did my dog. I liked that all the people who were going to be training the dog were encouraged to come. I really enjoyed the personal attention in class and our trainer answering questions throughout classes.

-- Charli Jo's Mom, Seattle (Dog is an English Springer Spaniel)


Taking this class with my dog helped me bond and love my dog more than I ever knew was possible. I love spending time with her because she is easier to manage and I understand more about her now. After we go for our evening walk and "training" session, the best part is sitting together with her chewing something appropriate while we watch my daytime show that I taped. She rolls over onto her back so I can scratch my tummy and it makes me wonder why I need my boyfriend (or my kid) anymore.

Just kidding, of course, but I feel that the training really did help me get to know my dog better and for us to bond more. I am looking forward to taking more and more classes and having our dog a well-loved family member and friend.

-- Rachel Stanley, Seattle (Dog is a Pit Bull mix)


Thank you so much for hosting the summer camp this weekend. Sadie and I had a fabulous time. She's still pooped out from all the activities! She learned some new skills, enhanced old skills and most importantly I think our bond was strengthened through the experience. I'm grateful for the rare opportunity to spend that much time outdoors, off leash and with other pups. (If Sadie could talk I think she would concur :)

I will definitely recommend the camp to others!

-Treina Aronson, Seattle (Dog is a Cockapoo)





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