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Clicker Training – Reliability in Action

I just made a quick video of my dog, Peanut, at Magnuson Off Leash Park in Seattle. I have him do the same chain of ten behaviors twice in a row: wait, spin, jump, heel, left turn, right turn, wait, come, sit, and carwash. There are a few dogs that Peanut just met at the dog park, for distraction.

I once saw a video of a shock collar trainer working his dog in the middle of a dog park, among distractions. Well, guess what? You can use food and a clicker to get reliability, without the side-effects of shock, and the dog is happy, to boot!

Clicker trained dogs can perform well, even with big distractions. Note that I’m not using a clicker with my dog – he knows the behaviors, so we don’t need to bring the clicker to the dog park. For more info on training your dog with a clicker (in Seattle or elsewhere), please read our Clicker Training article.