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"Aggression: From Brain to Bite" - Seminar with UK Behaviorist Chirag Patel

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October 6-7, 2012. Saturday 9-5pm and Sunday 9-4pm

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Seminar Title: Aggression, From Brain to Bite
Speaker: Chirag Patel, PGCert (CAB), BSc (Hons), DipCABT

Seminar Description:
A practical look at understanding, managing and modifying aggressive behaviour in dogs. This weekend seminar explores aggressive behaviour towards people and other dogs focusing on understanding aggression at an emotional level including basic neurobiology, re-considering labelling aggression, useful tools in behaviour counselling and practical ideas for managing and modifying the aggressive behaviour. Chirag will also discuss puppies and puppy training looking at spotting early signs and educating to minimise possible aggression problems in later life.

About the Seminar Speaker:

Chirag Patel, PGCert (CAB), BSc (Hons), DipCABT is a Clinical Animal Behaviorist in the UK, near London. He does behavior consultations (dealing mostly with aggressive behavior in dogs that is directed towards other dogs and people), runs classes, and trains dog trainers. He's even prepared a dog/chicken show (yes, the chickens were trained with positive reinforcement, too!) for Britain's Got Talent.

His interest in the field of dog behavior developed in 2001 after acquiring a gorgeous biting, dog reactive German Shepherd.

Dear Chirag,
My highest compliment to anyone is: ''you are a machine'' and I must pay it to you. Thank you for bringing some extraordinary talents to the world of dogs.

- Jean Donaldson, author of "The Culture Clash"

Chirag Patel
Chirag Patel

Chirag's passion for training and behavior led him to San Francisco where he completed an internship in Dog Aggression under Jean Donaldson and was also mentored by Dr Ian Dunbar. Chirag has also completed training with Ken Ramirez, Bob Bailey, Nina Bondarenko, Grisha Stewart, and other experts in their field. Chirag holds a BSc (Hons) in Veterinary Sciences from the Royal Veterinary College and a Post graduate certificate in Clinical Animal Behaviour from the University of Lincoln.

Chirag enjoys reward-based training with a range of animals everything from dogs to degus. That includes humans as well: Chirag is very interested in incorporating TAGteach (teaching with acoustical guidance) when teaching people and is primary certified. He hasn't left out rodents, either: in 2010 Chirag worked as the primary trainer on a project clicker training rodents for odor discrimination.

Check out his YouTube Channel and his website.

Here's some feedback about Chirag Patel from a seminar that he presented to trainers at Guide Dogs for the Blind Association in the UK:

  • "It was excellent and the only way it could have been improved was by having a 2 day course and perhaps working with his chickens. It has completely made me think about the way I train my dogs in a new way and I would say it's essential for all apprentices to do during the apprenticeship."
  • "The facilitator was very engaging and passionate about his subject. I did not want the presentation to end! Excellent - engaging from start to end."
  • "Chirag was interesting and presented well - thank you for organising someone from an external body."

Other Seminar Details:

  • $249 for two full days of instruction.
  • This seminar will be filmed by Tawzer Dog and participants will get a discount on that video.
  • Chirag's aggression seminar will be held at the Ahimsa Dog Training Annex in Seattle, possibly both indoors and out, so bring sunglasses, jackets, etc. The annex is at 925 NW 49th Street, Suite C, in Seattle.
  • CEU:  This seminar has been approved for 12 IAABC CEUs and 12 KPA CEUs. CPDT CEUs are pending.
  • We will have morning coffee/tea and two beverage breaks during the day.
  • We will probably have live demos, so you cannot bring a dog to this seminar.
  • Please see our Terms & Conditions for the cancellation/change policy for "Advanced Workshops & Seminars."
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