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Kathy Sdao Unplugged!

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Seminar Title: Kathy Sdao Unplugged: A Workshop for Trainers and Dogs

Seminar Date: July 15-16 in Seattle, Washington State 9-5 pm.

Speaker: Kathy Sdao, MA, ACAAB.

Seminar Description:

Dog training is an activity designed to elicit, modify and control the behaviors of dogs. It requires cognitive skill as well as physical skill and it obliges dog trainers to make seemingly endless choices about methods, tools and priorities. From the initial choice of how to “get” the desired dog-behavior to occur, to later decisions about how to integrate the learned behavior into the dog’s repertoire and daily life, the trainer must consider practicality, expediency and the dog’s emotional welfare.

We dog trainers aspire to make the best choices possible. And so we continue to educate ourselves, by studying the science, by watching great trainers in action, by brainstorming ideas and then trying them out with our own dogs, and by discussing concepts with our colleagues. This workshop will include all these activities. We’ll combine lecture segments about the practical application of SMART (See, Mark and Reward Training) with plenty of dog-training exercises, demonstrations, games and time for questions. Think of this workshop as a chance to participate in a two-day “trainers’ think tank.”

Thursday Workshop Schedule
Friday Workshop Schedule
  • Lecture: Ways to get behavior
  • Game: Exploring various ways to get behavior
  • Training: Make a plan for novel behavior 1
  • Lecture: SMART review
  • Training: Begin training novel behavior 1
  • Lecture: Reinforce
  • Game: What’s on the menu?
  • Lecture & discussion: +R options
  • Training: Continue training novel behavior 1
  • Lecture: Preserving reinforcers & punishers
  • Demos
  • Q & A
  • Training: Make a plan for novel behavior 2
  • Lecture: Mark
  • Training: Begin novel behavior 2
  • Lecture & discussion: See
  • Game: What do you see?
  • Demo: Score yourself
  • Training: Continue training novel behavior 2
  • Lecture & discussion: The other “S” -- set-up
  • Training: Final training for novel behavior 2
  • Lecture: What about cues?
  • Demos

About the Seminar Presenter, Kathy Sdao, MA, ACAAB

dog Kathy Sdao is an associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist with decades of hands-on animal training and seminar-leading experience to add to her scientific understanding of dogs.

An expert in clicker training and animal behavior, Kathy Sdao regularly presents continuing education workshops for dog trainers at the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Clicker Expo, and Guide Dogs for the Blind, among other seminar venues. Click here for Kathy Sdao's website or click here to read more about Kathy on our website. Dorothy Turley, CPDT will assist Kathy for this seminar in Seattle.

Other Seminar Details

  • Driving Directions: This workshop will be held in the View Ridge Room at Magnuson Park, which is wheelchair accessible.  
    • Go to the main entrance of the park at 7400 Sand Point Way NE (Old guard station).  There are 3 entrances to Magnuson park and you want the middle one, just one big block north of 70th Street.   
    • The entrance is across from the 7-11. Turn East into the park.
    • At the stop sign (3rd street) turn Left.  (If you get to the dog park, you've gone too far).
    • The building will be immediately on your Right.  
    • You may need to park in the lot across the road. 
  • Local hotels
  • Lunch & snacks will be provided.
  • CPDTs:  Certified Pet Dog Trainers will earn CEUs for this seminar.
  • We will be working both indoors and out, so dress accordingly, and bring sunscreen.
  • Working dogs should be able to be around other dogs, especially in terms of aggression, fear. Do not allow your dog to greet other dogs without express permission from their handler.
  • Bring a crate if you are bringing a working dog.

Kathy Unplugged Seminar Registration

  • Registration is now open! The buttons will disappear when the registration is full. There will be 20 working dog spots and 20 spots for observers. 
  • Please see our Terms & Conditions for the cancellation/change policy for "Advanced Workshops & Seminars."




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