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Puppy Elementary School - see class description below schedule

This is a Series class, which means all students start and end at the same time.

Class Name Day Time Info Date(s) Skip Date(s) TrainerStatus
Puppy ElementaryTue8:00pm-9:00pmAll Sizes4/29 to 6/3-
Puppy ElementarySun4:45pm-5:45pmSmall Breed < 30 lbs5/4 to 6/225-11
Puppy ElementaryMon6:45pm-7:45pmAll Sizes5/5 to 6/165-26
Puppy ElementarySat12:45pm-1:45pmAll Sizes6/7 to 7/197-5

Ahimsa Dog Training SeattleAge: 5-9 months (all sizes) or 5-12 months (small breed class). No prerequisite, although this is the class for most puppies to take AFTER Puppy Kindergarten (which is 2-5 months).

Class is limited to 9 dogs. The class includes a free dog training clicker and an instant download of 100+ page dog training manual. You can also purchase a hard copy of that book at the Ahimsa training center in Ballard between classes.

This six-week class continues the socialization and manners training that your puppy started learning in Puppy Kindergarten. If you missed Puppy Kindergarten, this class is still appropriate, because puppies are quick learners! The goal for this class is to get your puppy ready for the intense training experience of Puppy Jr. High.

You will need to make sure your dog is interested in your treats or toys in this class, and we'll be using a LOT of treats, so bring a variety of treats/food/toys and do not feed your dog the meal before class.  It may also be helpful to get them a good amount of exercise before class.

This class has play time, so dogs who can't be safely integrated into the play groups will need to work on self-control during the play times. Another option for older puppies is to enroll in Basic Manners (avoids the off-leash problem) or private lessons / Growly Dog (focuses on the problem).

NOTE:  If Puppy Elementary School is your first class at Ahimsa, we require that you attend an Orientation to learn about the dog training methods we use.  We prefer to have you attend the orientation before your first Puppy Elementary class, but if that's not possible, just attend the earliest one that you can.

This is a series class, meaning each Puppy Elementary School class has a fixed start and end date like all classes at most other dog training facilities. Puppy Elementary School classes have great structure, but they have less flexibility than our ongoing classes: you can't swap in and out of class dates. Current Jr. High students can drop into ongoing classes, like Intermediate Dog Manners, Advanced Dog Manners, and Backyard Sports & Games, on a space-available basis. If your dog is going to have surgery or you will be absent during this class, you might consider signing up for an ongoing class, instead, like Intermediate Manners. You can also just miss the one class or send a family member without your dog.

We will notify you when the next Puppy Elementary class is added if you join our waitlist. To make sure you're a real human, please answer the math question too:
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(Can't wait? Take Intermediate Manners and Teen Dog Play times between Kindergarten and Jr. High)



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