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Growly Dog 2 Class

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Growly Dog 2Sun1:45pm-3:00pm2/5 to 2/26-

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Ahimsa Dog Training Seattle

Growly Dog 2 is a 4-week, 4-dog class for owners who have mastered the skills from Growly Dog 1. Growly Dog 2 is our follow-up class to train dogs with dog-dog reactivity, fear or aggression issues. Dogs must have passed Growly Dog 1 at Ahimsa or a taken a private lesson with one of our trainers who approved admission into this class.

If your dog reacts aggressively toward people, then you and your dog will need private behavior sessions instead of the class.

Growly Dog 2 is designed for dogs who have a reactivity threshold of less than 50 feet - meaning that they can usually be within 50 feet from other dogs without reacting. In this class, we will spend time in all four weeks conducting BAT setups*.

Goals of this class:

  • "Shrink the dogs' bubbles" Help each dog become comfortable around other dogs at gradually smaller distances
  • Teach you how and when to incorporate a longer leash into your set ups to improve the training
  • Teach you different variations of BAT set ups to help generalize calm behavior around triggers in a variety of contexts and situations
  • Teach you the skills to orchestrate your own training set ups to speed up the rehabilitation process

How it works:

At the start of each class, people will leave their dogs in their cars while they check in and have questions answered by the trainer. After check-ins, we will spend roughly 45 minutes doing BAT set ups outside, with the dog pairs arranged by the trainer. At the end of class we will have a short wrap up to address any questions or issues that came up over the course of the training.

If you haven't read the BAT book, we highly recommend that you do so during or before this class.



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