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Fearful Dogs Seminar - Debbie Jacobs, CPDT-KA, CAP2

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Seminar Title: Living With and Training a Fearful Dog

Seminar Date/Time: Saturday, November 5, 9-5:00 pm in Seattle, Washington State

Speaker: Debbie Jacobs, CPDT-KA, CAP2

Seminar Description:

Fear is a common problem that can be seen in the timid wallflower as well as the barking, lunging dog on the street. Professional dog trainers, shelter workers, foster care givers, veterinary staff and dog owners will not want to miss this opportunity to learn about the most effective and humane ways to help our neediest best friends learn to trust what they currently fear.

The information in this seminar is based on the study and research of animal behavior and how dogs learn. You will learn about the causes of fear based behaviors, how they present themselves in dogs, and what handlers can do to help dogs learn new skills and build confidence. There will be discussion of calming aids, medications and hands on training techniques for working with dogs that are feral, unsocialized, or mildly shy or fearful.


  • Why dogs are afraid
  • What fear/stress looks like in dogs
  • How to interact with feral or unsocialized dogs
  • How to work with fear based behaviors
  • The use of play in the rehabilitation of fearful dogs
  • Understanding the effects of reinforcement & punishment on fearful dogs
  • What is learned helplessness?
  • Myth of reinforcing fear in dogs
  • Equipment
  • Medication
  • Other Resources
  • Owner conceptions of fear based behaviors
  • Managing environments for fearful dogs
  • Skill building exercises for fearful dogs; food delivery, treat/retreat, targeting, LAT, BAT, handling games. These include hands-on experience with appropriate dogs, if available.

DOGS: We will have dog demos. Participants will not be working their dogs, but if you have a seminar-savvy dog that will be great in this environment, you are allowed to bring him/her. If everybody brings dogs, we will have too many, so please only bring your dog if you have a good reason and your dog can easily handle this type of situation (i.e., not fearful or aggressive).

About the Seminar Speaker:

Debbie with her dogs

Debbie Jacobs CPDT-KA, CAP2, is the author of “A Guide To Living With & Training A Fearful Dog, which was a finalist in the 2008 Dog Writers Association of America’s annual writing competition. She lives in Vermont with her husband and 3 dogs and created the amazing FearfulDogs.com website to help owners and trainers learn about the most effective and humane ways to work with fearful dogs. She met her fearful dog Sunny, the inspiration for the FearfulDogs website, at the Humane Society of Louisiana’s Camp Katrina after the hurricanes of 2005.

Other Seminar Details:

  • Seminar will be held in the Matthews Beach Room (in the north side of the Brig, same building as the View Ridge room) at Magnuson Park in Seattle, both indoors and out, so bring sunglasses, jackets, etc.
  • Seminar-savvy, non-reactive dogs are allowed at the seminar.
  • CPDT:  Certified Pet Dog Trainers will earn CEUs for this seminar.
  • We will have morning coffee/tea and two beverage breaks during the day.
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