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Growly Dog Class - Training & Management for Fear Aggression, Leash Aggression, etc.

Class Name Day Time Date(s) Skip Date(s) TrainerStatus
Growly DogFri4:20pm-5:20pm9/26 to 11/710-24
Growly DogSun1:00pm-2:00pm9/28 to 11/910-5

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Ahimsa Dog Training Seattle

BAT book Is your dog a Feisty Fido? This class is for dogs in the Seattle area who, for whatever reason, aggressively growl, bark, or lunge at other dogs. Whether your dog is being fearful or angry, this six-week class for aggression at our facility in Seattle will help you manage and train your dog.

This class is not for aggression toward humans. If your dog has shown aggression toward people, please click here for info on private behavior sessions.

In the first two 1-hour sessions of your Growly Dog class in Seattle, we will meet without dogs to discuss our dog-friendly and practical techniques for modifying and safely managing your dog's reactivity.

We are serious about creating a safe environment, so attendance at these two sessions is required before bringing your dog, no exceptions. Please be sure the dates for the first two sessions work for your schedule. If something comes up and you cannot attend one of the first two lessons, you can hire one of our trainers for a private lesson to go over the material.

Student dogs come in pairs to sessions 3-5 and then all six dogs attend session 6. All students attend even when it's not their dog's "turn." This format allows you to concentrate on learning the skills you will need and also gives you and your dog hands-on practice. As a class, we will discuss the dog's individual aggression/fear problem and do behavior modification activities with the dogs of the day. We are very careful about safety and dogs are kept calm throughout the sessions.

In the Growly Dog class, you will be able to touch base with people who are dealing with the same sort of reactivity or aggression issues that you are, which can be very comforting. You don't need to be a 'dog psychologist' to rehabilitate your dog, but it helps to learn how to read dog's body language to make sense of unpredictable aggression. This class will teach you reward-based techniques for minimizing/alleviating your dog's aggression and improving the quality of life for your dog-human family, including how to safely introduce your reactive dog to other dogs.

Our Growly Dog classes will teach you how to use Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) a technique that developed by the owner of Ahimsa Dog Training, Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT-KA. BAT is a low-stress way to help your dog gain confidence and social skills. You can use the links here to learn more about this unique, reward-based training method. Our classes use cutting-edge training methods that build confidence. We avoid punishing behavior, which may lead to more unpredictable aggression, and teach the dog what to do to get his/her needs met without aggression. A study by University of Bristol's School of Veterinary Science found that dogs trained with punishment and yelling were twice as likely to show aggression to strangers and three times as likely to show aggression to their owners.

You will learn skills for teaching your dog to pay attention to you, even when there is another dog present. Includes a FREE book, Behavior Adjustment Training: BAT for Aggression, Frustration, and Fear in Dogs, written by Ahimsa's founder, Grisha Stewart ($17.95 value), a free dog training clicker, a free instant download of our 110+ page dog training manual and access to our networking group to help you find other dogs for training practice. You can also purchase a hard copy of that book online and at the training center in Ballard.

During your 6-week class, you can also drop into our ongoing manners classes for free, on a space-available basis (without your dog).

BAT Clinic: Upon completion of Growly Dog, you will receive a coupon code from your instructor for a discounted series of BAT Clinic. BAT clinic allows you to continue to practice the skills from your Growly Dog class.

Growly Dog Training Class Limit: 6 dogs.



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