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Focus and Control

Class Name Day Time Date(s) Skip Date(s) TrainerRegister Price
Focus and ControlThu8:00pm-9:00pm12/15 to 2/212-29
Wynona / AdrianeFULL$189

Class Name Day Time Date(s) TrainerRegister Price

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Length: 6 – 1 hour sessions
Maximum number of dogs: 8


Does your dog know the basics, but needs some polishing? Maybe you would like to work on your dog’s confidence or the number of distractions your dog can handle? Or is your dog the class clown and needs to learn to settle down?

Our Focus and Control class is for the dog that already know the basics but needs to work on their team building, foundation skills, distance work and distraction. Students in this class will work on strengthening their dog’s focus, perfecting the emergency recall, increasing self-control and teaching a dog to self-sooth. This is all done while integrating fun and engaging activities into the exercises such as jumping through hoops, perching on stools and playing with toys. This class will build toward reliable off-leash skills and is a perfect foundations course for dogs that are interested in trying dog sports such as agility.


Your dog should be fluent in name response/watch, sit, down, stay (6 feet), recall (25 feet with no distraction) and leash manners/casual heel. As the handler, you should be comfortable with clicker training and not use any type of correction to handle your dog.


By the end of this class, your dog should have these skills:

  • Increased handler-dog team building
  • Dependable emergency recall
  • A variety of focus skills after distraction
  • The ability to leave items on command after engagement with item
  • Increased self-control and self-soothing

By the end of this class, you should have these skills:

  • Increased connection with your dog and understanding of what motivates your dog
  • The ability to determine which cues/skills are most effective during distraction
  • Create a conditioned positive response
  • To work your dog on a long line

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