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Control Unleashed + BAT 1Mon8:00pm-9:00pm9/14 to 10/199-7

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control unleashed
Control Unleashed Book
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ahimsa Teach your dog focus and self-control, with or without the leash! Control Unleashed classes are a 6-week series classes that are an excellent way to get focus from your dog, anywhere you need it!


Would you like to have a solid connection with your dog, even off leash? This class combines two popular training techniques to help you and your dog become a team, for sports or just walking around the park. The techniques used are Control Unleashed (CU) by Leslie McDevitt* and Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) by Grisha Stewart.

Prerequisite: Your dog should be fluent in name response/watch, sit, down, stay (6 feet), recall (25 feet with calm dog as distraction), leash manners/casual heel, and leave it all with another calm dog present at a distance of about 10 feet. Ideally, your dog would have the basics of 'go to your rug' and at least one trick, but this is not required. As the handler, you should be comfortable with clicker training and not use on any type of correction to handle your dog through the above exercises.


This class is a continuation of Control Unleashed + BAT 1, and targets your dog's specific training goals and/or challenges. The temptations used in CUBAT2 are more intense and exciting than CUBAT1, but use that training as a foundation. You may want to take this class more than once as you work on getitng your dog's focus away from various triggers.

Prerequisite: CUBAT1 group class or Control Unleashed and a class/private lessons on BAT.

NOTE: Dogs in CUBAT can be hyperfocused on something besides for you (that's the point) but should not be showing aggressive behavior (barking to increase distance, lunging, growling, biting, etc.). If that is the case, the Growly Dog classes are the better choice.

* Leslie McDevitt is not affiliated with Ahimsa Dog Training (we just adore her work and have her approval to teach these classes).

Cost: $189 for 6 weekly sessions, includes free drop-ins to ongoing Ahimsa Dog Training classes (not series classes) on a space-available basis during your class.



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