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2-Day Workshop on BAT for Aggression, Fear, and Frustration

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Seminar Title: Give BATting 1000: Behavior Adjustment Training for Dog Reactivity

Seminar Date/Time: February 16-17, 2012 (Thursday/Friday), 9-4:30 pm in Seattle, Washington State

Speaker: Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT, CTP

Seminar Description:

Learn about Behavior Adjustment Training via live dog demos, hands-on work, and lots of video. Get an in-depth look at how to use BAT for dogs with fear, aggression, or frustration issues. This live workshop covers body language, how to arrange set-ups, variations, sudden environmental contrast, fighting within the home, how to use BAT on a walk, tips on fence-fighting, and preventative use of BAT with puppies and new dogs. Live demos, video clips of case studies, participant work, verbal explanations, and visual aides help you see how to put this effective technique into action. Grisha answers practical questions that you might have about BAT in language that's technical enough for trainers, but still clear enough for regular dog lovers.

About the Seminar Presenter: Grisha Stewart is the owner of Ahimsa Dog Training and the author of 5 DVDs and one book: "Behavior Adjustment Training: BAT for Dog Reactivity."  She specializes in the treatment and prevention of dog aggression and fear. She developed Behavior Adjustment Training as a tool to help rehabilitate dogs with reactivity issues.

Grisha has a Master's in Mathematics from Bryn Mawr College. She is now pursuing a Master's in Psychology with an emphasis in animal behavior at Antioch University, while still running her 6-trainer business and doing private consults for aggression cases. Her first career as a theoretical mathematician and college instructor serves her well in dog training and behavior consultations, because she relies heavily on the problem solving, critical thinking, and teaching skills she gained in that field. Since founding Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle in 2003, she has found her canine and human students to be much more excited about learning than her college students!

Canine behavior fascinates Grisha and she is highly motivated to help improve our techniques for rehabilitating and training dogs. This led her to develop BAT, Behavior Adjustment Training, which uses environmental consequences to reward the dog and eliminate problem behaviors.  Click here to learn more about Grisha.

Other "Behavior Adjustment" Seminar Details

  • Location is at the Ahimsa Dog Training Annex, 925 NW 49th Street, Suite C, in Seattle.
  • No pet dogs, please, except for pre-arranged demo and decoy dogs. Let us know if you have a service animal that you will be bringing. Please be aware that, because of the nature of this seminar, animals will need to sit near the rear of the room.
  • CPDT:  Certified Pet Dog Trainers will probably earn 6.5 CEUs for this seminar. More info soon.
  • We will have morning coffee and two beverage breaks. Restaurants are nearby for lunch.
Gift Certificates

"Behavior Adjustment" Registration

  • We still need demo dogs with issues with other dogs, yet good with people.
  • Discounts available for groups of 3 or more.
  • If you are interested in signing up for a working dog (demo dog) spot, please contact us first (or sign up to guarantee the spot and then contact us) to see if your dog is a good match.
  • Please see our Terms & Conditions for the cancellation/change policy for "Advanced Workshops & Seminars".



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