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Charity of the Month

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was yesterday. It motivated me to make some changes and one of them is that Ahimsa Dog Training is going to start having a Dog Charity of the Month. We will give local (Seattle / Puget Sound area) rescue organizations and charities a chance to be featured in our blog. The charity of the month will also have a donation bin at our training center and dog training supply store in Ballard, so that our students can learn about your organization and/or donate.

If you are part of a dog rescue or charity with 501(c)(3) status that needs some cash donations (and who doesn’t?), contact us and give us some details about your group:

  • 1-2 paragraphs on your organization. This is for the blog and a sign next to the donation bin.
  • Where we should mail donations.
  • Contact info for your group. Include your website address.

Once we agree to feature your group, we’d like to have some brochures for the month that you are featured. If you want us to put out brochures, either mail them or bring some by. Our store hours and address are on the contact page.

If you can think of a Seattle area dog charity that could benefit from this, please send them to our website.