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Major Changes: Moving into the Annex, closing the little store

We have some very important changes going on around here! In last weekend of April, we will move all of our classes into the bigger training classroom that we recently added to Ahimsa.  In other words, the ‘annex’ will now be our base of operations.


In order to move the store into the big building, we would have needed to do some construction to set aside space for the retail area and storage of all the items. That would have left us with a smaller classroom and we want to have lots of space and be able to focus on our classes. We will close our retail store in Seattle in March.

If you are in Seattle, stop by for our 40% off of all products. After March, our training center will still carry print copies of the BAT book, the Ahimsa manual, and some treats (in case students forget theirs). The trainers will be able to take cash/check only, so please remember those for play times or shopping once the official store closes.

In the online store at http://doggiezen.com/store we will continue to carry our favorite ebooks and other digital products, but will no longer be shipping products (except for orders already placed). In the near future, that site will have links to where to get some of our recommended dog supplies, both locally and online.


We will have Puppy Class, a new Puppy Elementary School, Puppy Jr. High, Basic Manners, Intermediate Manners, Advanced Manners, Backyard Sports and Games, Control Unleashed, Growly Dog class, and BAT clinic, as well as our free weekly Intro to Dog Training (orientation) seminar. Our trainers are Adriane, Wynona, Rachel, Amber, and Frank. We will also still have private lessons.

If you were in our agility program, we recommend the Seattle Humane Society’s classes in Bellevue. The fab Ali Johnson was teaching agility with us and she continues to teach classes at SHS. We will be selling most of the agility equipment, but keeping some for our Backyard Sports and Games class. We will have a list of available equipment and pricing soon. It will include the super-fancy rubberized dog walk and teeter, as well as tunnels, jumps, weaves, etc. Everything is in great condition, as we purchased it only last year and kept everything indoors. Email frank@doggiezen.com with the subject line ‘agility equipment’ if you are interested in the sale.


Amber and Frank will be continuing the great service of puppy camp. The cost has been dropped to $269 for this service. It’s an excellent way to provide excellent opportunities for socialization that you just can’t do on your own. Plus it let’s you socialize and train your puppy without as much effort from you!


We will have some more excellent seminars for dog trainers and dog enthusiasts on our schedule soon. Right now, we have Lori Stevens teaching a workshop for senior dogs in July (how to keep them feeling young, basically, using TTouch, massage, creative strength training, etc.) and a weekend on science and behavior analysis with Dr. Susan Friedman next summer.

Visit http://doggiezen.com/workshop for details. You can also sign up for a hands-on 5-day instructor’s course on BAT in Pennsylvania (April) or Alaska (August) on that page.


Please be pardon our dust and be patient with us as we make changes to the website and training center in Ballard. The store is being liquidated and there are bound to be a few bumps along the way.

We will have classes as scheduled until April 26. Starting the last weekend of April, our address will be 925 NW 49th Street, Suite C, which is just across the street from our old training center. We will miss the brilliant team members that will be moving on: Ali M., Tomi, Jennifer, Jill, and Ali J. You may see some of the more passionate ones in your classes as volunteers. Change is challenging, but I think this will be a good move for our clients, as we get back to our core: training family dogs in humane and effective ways (and trying to have fun at the same time).

We’ll continue to have trainers answering your dog (and cat) questions on the radio on Sundays from 1-3 pm on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM, so please listen in (the online version has a lot fewer commercials, so we recommend listening that way). Click here to learn more about Raining Cats and Dogs.

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