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Cat Clicker Training from Karen Pryor

I was helping a client with her cat and dog issues the other day and I was telling her how even her cat can benefit from clicker training. So I went online to find her some proof and came across this great little video from Karen Pryor with Catherine Crawmer. Even if you don’t have a cat, it’s a great video to watch to get the basics of clicker training. If you can deliver food, chances are, your pet can be clicker trained!

3 of the Ahimsa dog trainers went through the Karen Pryor academy, and one requirement was that we trained another species, besides for a dog. I trained an alpaca. Training a species that you’re not used to really forces you to look at the principles and the science behind clicker training. It works!

One thing that’s not clear from this video is that most cats don’t do marathon training sessions, like dogs do. Some cats I’ve worked with can only do 5-10 clicks worth, and they’re done. Some are also sound-sensitive, so you might start with a juice lid or a pen that clicks when you push the end of it.

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