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BAT for Horse Fears – Video

I had the great opportunity to work with a horse named Levi yesterday. Joey Iversen and I coordinated a Behavior Adjustment Training session with Levi and his human, Laura. We worked on Levi’s fear of tarps on the ground. That’s a big fear among horses, apparently. I’m not a horse person, but armed with knowledge of horse behaviors and BAT, we made excellent progress with Levi.

These clips are from the last 10 minutes of the session. But even during that time, you can see how his body relaxes and his confidence grows.

It was a blast to work with these three and I hope I get another chance, soon! In many ways, it was easier than training a dog. You can see all kinds of motions in a horse body from a distance!

In many of the clips, you’ll see Laura stop, Levi stop, and Levi back up. This isn’t a fear behavior, but rather, a behavior Laura has trained Levi to do. If you’re a horse person, you’re probably familiar with that, but it was news to me! I just thought maybe we were working too close.

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3 Responses to “BAT for Horse Fears – Video”

  1. Lisa Manolius Says:

    Hi Grisha,

    I continue to follow your BAT work with great interest. Thank you for your thoughtful careful presentations of this technique. I especially appreciate the care with which you seem to be planning and executing the training sessions, and the fact that you aren’t pushing the animals over threshold. It has disturbed me no end to see several CAT videos in which animals were being pushed over their thresholds.

    Zero freaky horse incidents! Awesome!

    Lisa Manolius

  2. Vin Chiu Says:

    Hello Grisha-

    Superb video! It was particularly interesting to hear the owner’s thoughts at the end of the session on how she perceived her horse processing all the information and gaining confidence through freedom of movement.

    Really really really well done.

    Thank you,
    Vin Chiu

  3. Grisha Says:

    Glad you liked it!! Horses are so great to work with for demos. So huge and clear.

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