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Thundershirts – sound phobias, fears, etc.

We are now carrying Thundershirts in our online store (and in the little store at the training center). If there was a drug-free way to ease your dog’s fears, would you do it? I would! And the Thundershirt’s a lot less than the Anxiety Wrap (and easier to put on), almost half as expensive. We sell it for just $35.62!

I originally bought a Thundershirt for Peanut’s stress in the car. It helped! I even tried doing a comparison with having it on and off on different trips. 3 times with the Thundershirt – no shaking any of those times. 3 times without – shaking every time. TTouch practioners have known the benefits of anxiety wraps for a long time. Thundershirt is an affordable, attractive way to wrap your dog and reduce stress. Check out this video:

It’s supposed to help with all kinds of other fearful behaviors, too. I haven’t tried the Thundershirt in those settings, but I do know Peanut was positively giddy in his Thundershirt at Green Lake last week. I also know that the concept is very sound, as TTouch practioners have been using wraps similar to the Thundershirt for a long time.

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One Response to “Thundershirts – sound phobias, fears, etc.”

  1. Erin B. Says:

    I tried the Thundershirt, too, on Opa. She’s a nervous, black lab mix. She looks like a bigger version of Peanut. It really seems to give her confidence and help her relax. We often go to Luther Burbank park because she loves to swim, and all the way over there she would whine loudly. It got so my son didn’t want to go with us because of the noise! Thanks to the Thundershirt, the noise is almost non-existent now.




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