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Pit Bull Blues Video

I love this pit bull video by John Shipe. Great dogs, great music! If they could only have filmed it without those prong collars and choke chains! Don’t they know pit bulls excel with reward-based training?

I’ve been singing it a lot since I saw this video, although I have to admit, I keep making up my own silly lyrics and singing them to my dogs, like “I’m a Pea-nut, I’m a black-furred, black nosed Pea-nut.”

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One Response to “Pit Bull Blues Video”

  1. Grisha Says:

    I contacted John about the prong collars, and this was his reply. I asked him if I could put it in my blog and he said I could. I also asked whether he’d be playing in Seattle next year (he’s in Oregon) and he said probably so!

    Thank you Grisha,
    ¬†A few others have noted the collars. ¬†I confess to being rather ¬†ignorant on the matter. ¬†I only became a Pit Bull Advocate after the ¬†song started getting used in awareness campaigns. ¬†I continue to¬†receive an education. When shooting the video, I didn’t really ¬†notice, ’cause it wasn’t something on my radar. ¬†Now it is.
    Take care,

    John Shipe




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