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Clicker Training – Reliability in Action

I just made a quick video of my dog, Peanut, at Magnuson Off Leash Park in Seattle. I have him do the same chain of ten behaviors twice in a row: wait, spin, jump, heel, left turn, right turn, wait, come, sit, and carwash. There are a few dogs that Peanut just met at the dog park, for distraction.

I once saw a video of a shock collar trainer working his dog in the middle of a dog park, among distractions. Well, guess what? You can use food and a clicker to get reliability, without the side-effects of shock, and the dog is happy, to boot!

Clicker trained dogs can perform well, even with big distractions. Note that I’m not using a clicker with my dog – he knows the behaviors, so we don’t need to bring the clicker to the dog park. For more info on training your dog with a clicker (in Seattle or elsewhere), please read our Clicker Training article.

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4 Responses to “Clicker Training – Reliability in Action”

  1. Charlotte H. Says:

    That was great Grisha, thanks for sharing that.

  2. Clicker Dog Training Videos | Dog Training Tips from Clicker Training Experts Says:

    […] a dog that’s reliable even with other dogs for distractions at at the dog park. Check out the clicker dog training video here. Or view this post for more […]

  3. Alice Says:

    If anyone wants distraction dogs, those IGs who were trying to confuse Peanut are available. And just think, they did it with NO training at all.

    Glad the video was useable, Grisha. It looks great.

  4. Susan Mann Says:

    Love the cue, “carwash!” was trying to figure out what that would be when I read the description! I use “peek” for this behavior.




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