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West Seattle Dog Poisoning

There have been news reports of dogs in West Seattle that may have been poisoned with rat poison on dog treats, bones, etc, strewn about Westcrest and Fauntleroy parks where dogs run off leash (though possibly, they shouldn’t anyway, as I think they aren’t off leash parks).

People just disgust me sometimes, you know? What deranged person would think poisoning dogs is ok?

Whether reports of dog poisoning in West Seattle are true or not (and I think they are), this tragedy is a reminder that we should be cautious about letting our dogs forage on walks. To our students: “Leave it” is one of the skills that you may want to spend more time practicing!

The Here’s a blurb about Katrina dog that was a victim of this poisoning (not written by me):


Mo was rescued from New Orleans and moved into the West Seattle area when he was fostered/adopted after the Katrina tragedy. He is now the second personal story I know about regarding dogs being poisoned in the West Seattle area parks. Whatever the purpose is NO ANIMAL should be subjected to such agony. I was one of the people that rescued Mo from the streets of New Orleans and needless to say, this is personal. Rescuers do not go into physical and emotional overdrive to help animals only for some jerk(s) to kill them.


Reward offered
Pasado’s Safe Haven is offering a $5,000 reward for tips leading to the arrest, prosecution and conviction of the person or persons involved with poisoning dogs in West Seattle. Tips can be called in to 206-300-7218. Callers will remain anonymous. Please post one of Pasado’s flyers up at a park near you! Click here to download the flier.

Click to view an interview from King 5 News about the poisoning story.

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One Response to “West Seattle Dog Poisoning”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Just FYI– Westcrest is an official off-leash dog park, but Fauntleroy is not. If the poisonings occurred at Westcrest then even legal off-leash parks may not be safe.




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