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August 23 First Annual Dog Days of Ballard’s Summer

Update: the organizers say they will be carding to avoid having too many dogs! 98117 and 98107 zip codes only!

There will be a fun gathering of dog folks at Ballard Commons on August 23rd. They’ve asked me to sponsor them, so there are three $50 Ahimsa Dog Training gift certificates to be had for their contest.

It’s not a commercial event – no tents, no booths, no microphones, just a gathering of dog folks and some contests with prizes. It’s a good place to go after the Sunday market in Ballard. It’s sponsored by the Seattle Parks Department as a non-commercial event.

Click here for directions to Ballard commons.

I’m hoping to come by after classes. It could be big, could be small, but either way, it looks like a great way for you to meet your neighbors and their dogs!

More official info from the Dog Days website:

Dog Day of Ballard
August 23, 3:00pm
Ballard has gone to the Dogs! “Dog Day of Ballard”

Sunday, August 23rd 3-5 PM, Ballard Commons Park
“Dog Day of Ballard” is a free, family-friendly event open to all Ballard residents and their dogs. There is no entry fee, and it is open to all dogs, all sizes, shapes, ages and breeds. There will be lots of prizes for many categories, including oldest dog, youngest dog, biggest puppy, most exotic dog, best smile, pretties eyes, cutest retriever, cutest working breed, most adorable “mutt”, longest tail, biggest paws, longest wiener dog, softest dog, goofiest dog, biggst ears, best matching pair, etc. Although there is no real “swimsuit or talent” portion of the competition, there will be a categtory for “best trick” and “best dressed.” All dogs must be on leashes, and must live within the 98117 and 98107 zip codes.

Co-sponsored by the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation. Sponsors include: Ahimsa Dog Training, Bark, All The Best Pets, Ballard Home Comforts, Julie Albright, Ryther Center, Romanza, Classic Consignment, Johnny’s Shoe Repair and more. For more information, or to donate a prize, contact the organizer, Julie Albright, at