Shy Dog (Wallflowers)

This class is for shy, fearful, and timid dogs who are able to eat treats in a controlled and calm class environment.

In Shy Dog class, you will learn management strategies and training techniques that will help your shy and fearful dog to build confidence and cope with scary situations so he or she can enjoy life more. This class is for wallflower dogs who display avoidance behaviors (eg hang back, get quiet, run away from scary situations).

Topics we will cover include:

  • building trust between you and your dog
  • treatment of specific fears by using desensitization and counter conditioning
  • boosting your dog’s confidence through shaping
  • reading your dog’s body language

We will also work on specific skills that are essential to every shy and fearful dog such as attention, relaxation, recall, and touch.


This class is a good place to start before taking Basic Manners or Puppy Elementary which can be overstimulating for some dogs.

Shy Dog is not suitable for dogs with fear-based aggression towards people or dogs. If your dog growls, barks excessively, or is otherwise ‘reactive’ towards people and other dogs. If you are uncertain whether this class is a good match for your dog please email us at

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