Private Training for Adult Dogs

For a one-on-one customized dog training experience in your home or at our training center.

Ahimsa trainers who do private sessions for adult dogs:

Need some targeted help with an adult dog who’s still learning the rules of living in a human world, and group classes just aren’t the right fit for you? We can help with problems like leash walking, digging, coming when called, barking for attention, and many more! Our trainers will work with you to troubleshoot problem behaviors, and teach you how to teach your dog the skills they need to keep both of you sane and happy.

With one-on-one private sessions, you can focus on the behaviors that are most important to you and get coaching that is centered around what works for you and your dog. We even do sessions in your home (check to see if you’re within our service area) so you can see how to implement our advice in the location where you need it to work.