Walk With Me & Come When Called (Outdoors)

6-week series class that focuses on walking and recall around distractions.


Puppy Junior High, Focus and Control or Intermediate Manners at Ahimsa

In Walk With Me and Come When Called, you will learn strategies and training techniques for getting your dog to walk with a loose leash and reliably come in the real-world environment of Discovery park! We’ll be focusing on how to get your dog’s attention and how to keep their attention with outdoor distractions like crows, squirrels, other people and dogs.

Topics we will cover include:

  • strengthening your Emergency Recall
  • effective use of non-food reinforcers
  • preventing the “drive by” and “just out of reach” come
  • teaching a “suggested” vs “mandatory” recall
  • using prey drive to reinforce your come
  • practicing loose leash walking and heel with a release cue
  • using a long leash for sniff walks and practicing recalls
  • shaping attention in a distracting environment
  • how to do polite greetings with people and other dogs

This class is not suitable for dogs who bark excessively or growl at other dogs or people. If your dog growls, barks excessively, or is otherwise ‘reactive’ towards people and other dogs please contact us at info@doggiezen.com to see if other classes or private lessons are more appropriate.

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