Agility – Jumps and Tunnels

Agility Foundation Class

Agility – Jumps & Tunnels

Agility – Jumps and Tunnels is not suitable for dogs with aggression towards people or dogs. If you have a challenging dog, or your dog needs a quieter, more controlled environment to feel comfortable, please sign up for Growly & Shy Dog Agility. The Growly & Shy Dog class has an instructor and an assistant so each dog gets more individualized attention.

In this class we will teach you basic agility handling, teach your dog how to confidently run through tunnels and over jumps with good form, off leash, without luring or forcing them.

Topics we will cover include: how to engage and play with your dog, building an awesome start line stay, recall from different positions, sending ahead to obstacles, motion cues, and how to build verbal cues for obstacles, shaping for faster performance, proper reward placement and timing.

Play and have fun with your active and healthy dog, boost their confidence & improve your communication.


This class is appropriate for any dog who has basic obedience skills, are over 18mths of age, are physically sound and are able to learn in an active class environment.

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If the class you want is full, let us know! Add yourself to the wait list. We will contact you if there is an opening in that class or when new Basic Agility classes are posted to the website.

Safety and Management

Ideally, your dog will already have excellent crating or tethering skills, so that you can leave them on a break, while you continue learning. Car crating, or bringing another person to hold the leash is acceptable as well.