We are lucky to have excellent clients at Ahimsa Dog Training. We see thousands of dogs every year, not just from Seattle, but throughout Western Washington, each with their individual talents, problems, and personalities. We have been voted Seattle’s Top Dog Trainer from CityDog Magazine and Best of Seattle in the Pet Services category on CitySearch.com.

Thank you for believing in Ahimsa!

The reward system (click and treat) seems to appeal to Moe quite well. He went right to his “rug” today when we walked in the office and his mommy/my boss almost cried with excitement. We’re both understanding one another a lot better and this new form of communication makes us both happier. Thank you! We look forward to seeing you in class next week. Homework is becoming the highlight of our days.

-Ashley, Seattle, French Bulldog Parent

I went to the pit bull seminar and you gave me tips for my windshield wiper hating dog. I tried it from far away at first, until she was calm, and progressed on, working daily since the class. [about 1 week] I can now get in the car, turn on the wipers, and, though still a little anxious, she doesn’t lunge for them. It is a miracle. I love my dogs, but being in my own little world with them, this problem seemed hopeless. Pearl is now so much happier in the car, not waiting for the next time they will turn on, it’s like a different dog. I could never thank you enough for this. I am moving to seattle soon and am looking forward to signing up for a couple of the classes you have. Also, I wanted to say thank you so much for the pit bull class. Owning these dogs is a joy, but people’s reactions to them are not. It was wonderful to participate in a class with other people who appreciate them, instead of hate or fear them. Thank you for your time, and hope to be seeing you in the future!

(Update 6 months later: Hey, just wanted to say thank you again, and to tell you that with this help I took Pearl and Mahina on a 15,000 mile road trip this summer. The girls drove with me from Washington to Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, then to the grand canyon, Las Vegas, southern California, back to Washington, and then through Canada and we are now in Alaska. Pretty soon we leave to head back down through Canada. Pearl doesn’t need to be sedated when it’s raining anymore, it’s amazing! They’re now more well traveled than most Americans, and next summer we plan on making a trip to Mexico to go horseback camping. Thank you so much again for liberating Pearl from the land of the scary windshield monster, and me from the abhorrent act of putting the dogs in the car when it was raining.)

-Allegra, Issaquah, Pit Bull Mix Parent

We are thrilled with the puppy classes we are taking and plan to continue for as long as there are classes to take. We have noticed a big difference at home in Roy’s behavior and our behavior. We think he’s a great dog and will only get better with your classes. Thank you for all your help and advice!

-Sue & Floyd, Seattle, Labrador Retriever Parent

We have thoroughly enjoyed all three classes we’ve taken at Ahimsa. Our instructor is patient and upbeat and demonstrates a true love for all the puppies. Keep up the good work! We’ve recommended you to many of our friends.

-Cara and Phil, Seattle, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Parent

We had had Roxy for about a week when I realized we needed help. The final precipitating event was when she bit Bill as he tried to take something dangerous out of her mouth.

 There were other challenges too — like how she launched herself at other dogs whenever we took her for a walk, or threw herself back and forth across the backseat of the car when we drove. Turning on the windshield wipers meant she would leap onto the dashboard and bark and bite violently at the blades. Whenever anyone left the house, she turned herself into a canine bowling ball and threw herself at the front door. She often barked when people walked past outside. She hated grooming which was a problem because she has such a beautiful, but very thick coat. Frequently she would growl while being touched or petted. On the positive side, it was clear that she was basically very loving and intelligent, and could be sweet, calm, and well-mannered. Both Bill and I agreed that we had never known a dog with more capacity to learn than Roxy. It’s easy for her, she seems to relish it and she will do almost anything for a treat.

I had heard about clicker training and wanted a non-coercive approach, so I got on-line and found Ahimsa. Roxy now wears a seatbelt and sits or lies down quietly in the car. Bill and I just took her on a week long road trip to a ranch and the beach and we both agreed that Roxy was a wonderful companion. She is much less possessive around food. About a month ago Bill and I smiled at each other when we found our cat and dog eating together off of the same plate. I can now leave Roxy behind with no dog body-slamming against the door. She lets me and others groom her. Roxy now feels safe enough around other dogs and people that I take her to the Farmer’s Market, the dog park, and to her first dog obedience class! When people see us together on the street, they often remark about how well-behaved she is. I just smile and say she works hard at it.

 As I look back on the past year and a half and see how far we’ve come, I can’t help but wonder what Bill, Roxy and I will be doing together next year. Ahimsa helped me understand some about the nature of the changes we have asked Roxy to make — what she’s likely to learn quickly, what will take her a while, when and how Bill and I need to change. Having an intelligent shy working dog in our lives is different from what it was like with our other dogs, but I can wholeheartedly say that it’s good and interesting, and it means Bill, Roxy and I have a common bond in the true joy of learning. Thank you Ahimsa. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you!

-Margot, Seattle, Shetland Sheep Dog Parent

The Ahimsa Puppy Kindergarten classes were highly recommended to us by many people and we are so glad we took their advice! Guinness, our chocolate lab puppy is only 3 1/2 months and already can sit, come, stay, lay down, and, most importantly for curious little puppies, “leave it” or “drop it”.

The classes not only socialize your puppy with other dogs and people but it teaches the owners important training principles which you can apply to just about anything you want your dog to learn. The instructors are friendly, patient and full of advice – you can really tell they all love their jobs. Both of us and our puppy look forward to class every week!

-Eric and Heather, Seattle, Labrador Retriever Parent

The Ahimsa Dog Training school was my first introduction to training a dog. It has truly been an excellent program overall from the orientation to the choice of programs. I will say that the classes are not intimidating at all; they are fun, simple, and a great bonding experience for both the parent and the dog.

I especially enjoyed the program because of the flexibility in the schedule, the chance to “drop in” to classes above and beyond what you are scheduled for, and the variety of talented instructors that students are exposed to. I highly recommend Ahimsa Dog Training to anyone who needs to train puppies or older dogs, brush up on some skills, have more bonding with your dog, or any reason is good.

-Kim, Seattle, Labrador / Pointer Mix Parent

I was skeptical about the effectiveness of clicker training before my first session, but by the end of our first class I had no doubts. The clicker method is both effective and fun to use.

Our dog Indy loves his training sessions, and is always excited when he sees us bring out the clicker. He has a focus and desire to get down to work that I didn’t expect from a puppy. We absolutely believe in the methods Ahimsa uses, and have been delighted to find that our dog can and will learn without resorting to punitive measures.

-Chris, Seattle, American Eskimo Dog Parent

Just want to say Sally is amazing thanks to Ahimsa. I’ve recommended your school to a number of people. Everyone comes back most pleased. Sally behaves so well we’re looking to agility training for the next step. She is crazy for tennis balls and birds on the beach. We take her almost daily and she runs like a fiend…for one or two hours non-stop (people stop and stare…say she should run the Derby), but is a dream in the house, relaxed and docile and so well behaved. She is amazingly well socialized and loves everyone (including babies and small children) and other dogs…zero problems.

I can’t thank you enough for your school and how much we learned. Surely, should we add another pup to our family, we’ll be back.

-Russ, Seattle, English Springer Spaniel Parent

The classes were amazing – the teachers positive, supportive and informative. My dog Nathan has progressed amazingly in one month. He was afraid of literally everything – and it was hard to take him outside or anywhere because he was so jumpy. He would run from me when I was trying to get him to take him out.

Now, he never runs from me, he has more confidence and even greets other dogs. Saturday we took him to a dog park in Edmonds – and he actually ran around and played with all the dogs – all big dogs. He kept us in his sights and returned periodically – then ran off again to play.

Also – he and I have an even stronger bond. We are not frustrated with each other, but can now understand and enjoy each other. The stress has been lifted – now we are best friends and have alot of fun together.

Also – I know that he is safer (my biggest concern) because he does not just run from me. When we are outside, if something happened I know he would run toward me for protection – so even though he will always be on leash – just in case of something going wrong – I feel he is safer.

All in all – great classes and training. We know the quality of classes by the quality of results. Your training and trainers obviously love dogs and support them. Instructors were all easy to understand and approachable for questions and special needs. Thanks again! You and your program make a difference in the lives of dogs and their people.

-Tomi, Seattle, Toy Poodle Parent

Lots of things to like – good instruction, flexible instruction, the whole ahimsa philosophy, a variety of classes offered, friendly assistants, supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

-Shannon, Seattle, Australian Cattle Dog Parent

I feel the classes are really helping me to bond with my new rescue dog and that my rescue dog and myself are being given the support and attention we need to continue training at home as well as in class. I really enjoy the classes and I think Eddie does, too.

I think the positive training methods used at the center are wonderful and have helped my relationship with my dog; my only regret is that I didn’t know about clicker training when I had my first dog, Piper–now deceased–who was a Westie. I raised from the time he was a puppy. I would highly recommend Ahimsa to any one who is looking for a puppy or dog manners class.

-Jamie, Seattle

I have to say, I just love Ahimsa. One of my coworkers recommended Ahimsa dog training and I’m so glad I signed up. I think the instructors are fantastic and I love how they pay such special attention to Frankie. They really are great and seem so knowledgeable about dogs, their behavior and the best way to train them. I take their word on everything and it’s done fabulous with Frankie.

-Erin, Seattle, Long-haired Dachshund Parent